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From Betty
Mr. Jackson was great to deal with. I needed my boot replaced on my LG front load washer. I called Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando and Mr. Jackson told me how much it would cost to replace the boot. When he came out to replace the boot he was on time and the price was just what he said it would be. Thanks. Betty
Frm Mrs Barber
from Darnell Barber Moye: Mr. Jackson,(Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando) thanks so much for your prompt support in repairing the washer at my rental property. Have and Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday Darnell Barber Moye
I ask my maintenance man at my condo if he could clean out my dryer vent. He told me yes. He went and got his leaf blower and hooked it up to my dryer vent and blew everything out. SO WE THOUGHT! After that my dryer stopped working. I called Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando at 407-385-3662 and set up an appointment for them to come out and check my dryer. The repair man took the dryer apart and found that when the maintenance man blew out the dryer vent it just went to the top and plugged the pipe! Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando had the right tools to clean out my dryer vent and got a pile of lint out of my dryer vent that would fill a five gallon bucket. By having the vent plugged it also over heated and burnt out a fuse. So save your self some time and money and get the right person for the job. I recommend Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando 407-385-3662 Thank you Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando, Rosemary
From Frangipane
To, Jackson appliance repair. Thanks for repairing my washer. It’s good to see there are still people you can trust to be on time and give the right price the first time. And not go up on the price after you do the job. Thank you, Frangipane
From Daries
My dryer was not working. I called Harold Jackson to come and check it for me. He told me the dryer was working but the dryer vent needed cleaning. He checked my dryer and cleaned my dryer vent the same day. Thank you, Daries
From Mr. Brown
I called Mr. Jackson and asked if he could fix my microwave. He told my yes. He came out with the parts and made the repair. Great person to deal with. Mr. Brown
From Steve
I was looking for a water valve for my washing machine. I called Jackson Appliance repair and asked if they had the part. Harold told me he had the part and would deliver it the same day. What a deal. I never had to leave the yard. Thanks, Steve
From Joe
My refrigerator stopped working. I called and asked Mr. Jackson what the service call was? He told me $69.00. He came out and repaired my refrigerator and gave me the bill. After repairing my refrigerator he did not charge me for the service call. But he did charge me $69.00 for labor plus parts. What a deal. Sears was going to charge me $129.00 just to come out plus labor, plus parts. Glade I called Jackson appliance Repair. Joe

me Thank you for using Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando.

service call only $69.00