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Dryer Repair / Apopka / Longwood / Orlando

Dryer Repair service call only $69.00

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At Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando we can repair your dryer. Whatever the problem is, Dryer Belt, Dryer Motor, Dryer Switch, Dryer pulley or Clean Dryer Vent. If we don't have the dryer part we can order the part and get it to you FAST! Some people try to fix there dryers them self and it just don’t work out. Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando would be glad to help you out. Don’t be embarrassed to call just because you tried to fix your dryer and you are having trouble. Lots of people try to do there own dryer repair. Dryer repair is not easy. I have been repairing dryers for over 25 years. So I have seen just about everything. Also you need to think about safety when working with 220 volts! That much voltage can kill a person. So if you don’t know how to repair dryers I don’t recommend that you try repairing your own dryer. When repairing a dryer it’s good to know that a dryer has 220 volts and it splits. Half runs the dryer motor and the other half runs the dryer heating element.
Always disconnect the power before trying to repair your dryer!

Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando 407-385-3662 will come to your location and fix your appliance!
If we don't have the dryer part we can order the part and get it to you FAST!

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